AnkaSea SAC was formed in May 2012. Its headquarters are located in Peru’s capital Lima (San Isidro) from where all operational, documental, logistics and administrative matters are coordinated. We have a vast experience in all aspects of local and international shipping. Capable to assist all kinds of vessels at all ports. All this is executed under the strict supervision from our head office and locally owned offices, our assisting and travelling port captains.

Mission: to be able at all times to protect, defend and guide our principals in all aspects of the shipping markets at all ports.

Vision: to be recognized as leading Shipping Agency with a very high standard of service, provided through a close and dedicated service, inspiring trust, credibility and competitiveness.

Why AnkaSea?

  • Strong experience in the various ship types and commodities
  • Service-minded personnel
  • Good working relationships with all parties
  • Multi-languages
  • Strong relationship with service providers for mutual benefits