Frequently Asked Questions

For information about container sizes and weights please click Container Information
The Trident Alliance is a coalition of shipowners and operators who share a common interest in robust enforcement of maritime sulphur regulations and are willing to collaborate to help bring it about. More information in the Trident Alliance can be found on their website
The 360 Quality Association groups different companies that have as mutual goal to ship perishable cargoes from port to port without compromising the quality of the product. More information on the 360 Quality Asssociation can be found on their website

At Seatrade website under track and trace functionality Link to the Portal

Have the following main features:

  • Container tracking and tracing based on container number and booking or B/L number.
  • Detailed history of your container(s) move-by-move.

This is only the first stage; later on more features will be added.

The principal characteristics of Peruvian port facilities can be found in the following pdf-files:
In order to confirm if ports are open, partially closed or closed due to weather conditions, please check all the information at the Maritime Authority website:
For detailed instructions on how to load a reefer container click here (PDF).
power plug (503 x 600)An intact power plug should have four metal pins, of which the biggest one is the so-called earth plug. To ensure that a power plug is correctly connected to a power socket, a small plastic guide (shown on the picture on top of the plug) will ensure that the power plug is correctly inserted into the power socket. When such guides are being removed, the risk of incorrectly connecting a container is high, which could lead to damage and/or improper functioning of the container.
The correct abbreviation is cmh (cubic meter per hour), but commonly people also use cbm(h) as an abbreviation - both indicate the same.
We have 40 ft Thermo King's Advanced Fresh Air Management System (AFAM+) designed for simple operation with the flexibility to handle a variety of commodities and situations, uses a small motor to set the fresh air exchange of a container through the MP3000 controller. AFAM+ adds a gas analyzer to the unit to vary the air exchange based on CO2 and O2 levels. With AFAM+, a door setpoint can be entered into the controller and the door can be delayed to open after the product is down to setpoint temperature. When the gas analyzer is added, the unit will monitor CO2 and O2 levels and constantly open and close the door in response to product respiration words like organic, carbon footprint and power savings were not the household terms that they are today. We also have 40 ft Maxtend® systems "One-Trip system" that convert a standard refrigerated container to an Atmosphere Control container for one voyage and is removed from the container at the end of the voyage. At the heart of every Maxtend® System is a patented intelligent Controller with the built-in technology to manage, modify, record and communicate remotely the minute details of the atmosphere within every shipment. The Maxtend® System is an Atmosphere system that controls the Oxygen, Carbon-dioxide and Nitrogen balance inside a refrigerated shipping container containing respiring cargo of fruit or vegetables. In addition we have StarCare™ Controlled Atmosphere container, designed to slow down the respiration process of fresh commodities. This is very beneficial for a list of perishable products, as they will continue to respire after harvest and until they are consumed or destroyed by decay. In order to maintain ideal cargo conditions at all times, the StarCare™ container continuously regulates temperature, humidity and the correct levels of Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) within the reefer unit. During respiration the procedure will absorb Oxygen and release Carbon Dioxide. Once the desired levels of these gases have been obtained, the StarCare™ will automatically regulate and maintain these levels. reduced Oxygen slows down the respiration of produce. Elevated Carbon Dioxide reduces decay and suppresses the release of ethylene (ripening gas). The StarCare™ container is equipped with O2, CO2 and humidity sensors. Finally we have conventional 40 ft reefer units by Carrier and Thermo King.
Rayo Service destinations from Paita are GBDOV and NLVLI. Click here to check Rayo Reefer Service Schedule.
Because we issue documentation conform Mate's Receipts (CDL) and tally sheets, which are only available upon completion of loading operations.
Considering that the vessels in the Rayo liner trade arrive every Saturday evening 22:00 lt agw wp, subject to departure time from Guayaquil/Ecuador, please note that in order to comply with European Customs deadline for cargo manifest we need at least 48 hours prior to vessel's arrival to submit all information for the cargo that should be loaded o/b the vessel. For your guidance and in order to avoid any inconveniences, please note below instructions-regulations:
  • Preliminary draft must be confirmed every Wednesday (prior to vessel's arrival) 12:00 lt (noon time) "including IMO container number"; no surcharge involved
  • Late Preliminary draft must be confirmed every Wednesday (prior to vessel's arrival) 18:00 lt "including IMO container number"; surcharge involved S/. 100.00 + VAT (18%)
  • Temperature letter should be issued at least 48 working hours prior to vessel's schedule (Saturday evening 22:00 lt agw wp) and must include IMO container number. This letter is compulsory for the units in order to be loaded o/b the vessel.
  • For release of the container units from the empty depot, please check information on the "Booking Confirmation Form" for corresponding Gate Out. Should read Ransa S.A. or Neptunia S.A.
  • Electricity free of charge for clients or on account of the shipping line (SRC) are as follows: Bananas = 5 days equivalent to 120 hours Other cargoes 2 days equivalent to 48 hours. It is very important to keep in mind that electricity free of charge only counts in our full terminal TPE.
  • Depot of full units is TERMINAL PORTUARIOS EUROANDINOS S.A. (Paita Port).
  • Gate In Full Units at Terminal Deadline for Refrigerated Cargo Pre-Stacking: every Saturday early morning 05:00 lt.
  • Late Arrival (LAR) for cargo that enters into the terminal after the Pre-Stacking, deadline with LAR: every Saturday morning 11:00 lt.
  • Other costs: Late Correction : S/. 100.00 + VAT (18%) per B/LCollection Fee: USD 40.00 + VAT (18%) "inland costs include at B/L" Cancellations a/o Roll Over: USD 1,500.00 VAT (18%) per container for all cargo that has been cancelled after the deadline (72 hours prior vessel's arrival schedule Saturday evening 22:00 lt agw wp)
Normally operations in Paita take place each Saturday as from midnight until Sunday morning 10:00 hrs local time.
Within our 40 ft high cube reefer fleet we use containers of two different makes, viz. Carrier and Thermoking. Please find below the conversion sheets for each make.
Carrier Prime Link (600 x 337)

Carrier Prime Link

Thermoking Magnum (600 x 458)

Thermoking Magnum

At our web site, therefore click into the link Rayo Reefer Service Schedule.
A booking form and instructions to fill out B/L; you can find these forms under Useful information.  
Transit times to GBDOV and NLVLI are 14 and 15 days respectively. Click here to check our Rayo Reefer Service Schedule.