Naming ceremonies Seatrade Orange and Seatrade Red

  • Posted by Juan Pulgar 27 Aug

Naming ceremonies Seatrade Orange and Seatrade Red

23.08.2016 Announcements by Seatrade 

On Friday morning 19 August 2016, the naming ceremonies for both m.v. Seatrade Orange and m.v. Seatrade Red took place at Yangfan Shipyard Zhoushan, Mayi Island, China.

First everybody present was addressed by President of Yangfan Group Mr. Tao Zhonghai, by CEO of Seatrade Group Mr. Yntze Buitenwerf and by Executive Director of ABN Mr. Peter van Apeldoorn.

At 09:38 hrs. Mrs. Michaela Buitenwerf names vessel CV22H-JT03 ‘Seatrade Orange’ with the following words: “I now christen the Seatrade Orange. May God help you prosper and hold  safe your crew and cargo while sailing the oceans. May you bring fullness and life wherever you go. Always have sufficient water under your keel and be a happy ship for the customers, owners and crew aboard or ashore”.
Then Mrs. Buitenwerf broke the traditional champagne bottle.

In direct continuation of the naming of m.v. Seatrade Orange Ms. Mareike Louise Hilbig names vessel CV22H-JT04 ‘Seatrade Red’. Her words before breaking the traditional champagne bottle: “I herewith name you Seatrade Red and wish you and your crew safe and fortunate voyages, luck and happiness”.

As from 10:40 hrs the guests could visit accommodation, wheel house, engine room and engine control room and get some great impressions of our new ships.

Seatrade Orange and Seatrade Red, welcome to our fleet!



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